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We love to sponsor a gift set from our brand to the amazingly talented youtubers with all love & good wishes for there future videos.... They complete our products beauty with their presence with our products in their video..!!!


Most beautiful talented successful YouTuber @niharicka.singh in our @paheli2017 earrings again…..lv u alot nick..good wishes for your videos…

Date : 28 Sep 2018


Hello guyz am toooooo happy to share with you my happiness….i am a big fan of a creative youtuber @niharicka singh , i love to watch her videos again and again , i sented her a gift from our brand “paheli” and she is really to down to earth by nature …and now she weared our earring in one of her video ….feeling toooo happy as a fan of her…..lv u alot nick ..good wishes for your videos…

Date : 21 Dec 2017